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Welcome to the first web page dedicated to Antique and Vintage Hole Punches

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The Hole Punch as a Collectible

Here is a hobby that has a considerable amount of possibilities. The pieces are easily found at yard sales, flea markets, on line and at auctions. My experience thus far has been in most cases no one is going to bid against you when you are ready to pursue a machine and when finding a desirable machine at a yard sale or flea market, it is unlikely the seller is going to tell you that someone else is coming back for the machine or that anyone else was interested at all.

In most cases, the selling price is quite manageable for those on a budget and in many cases, the seller will negotiate with the buyer. Yes, this is a case of the machines value is “fluid”. It is a really great feeling to know that you just bought a machine that was patented in the early 1900’s and that you just bought it for $25.00 or less.

Hole punches have been around since the early 1890’s therefore, we have a great selection of antique and vintage examples to choose from. The development of punches really took off in the early 1900’s and improvements followed.

Even now, some examples are proving to be more desirable than others. The Globe No. 4 produced by Globe-Wirnicke is one of those machines that has a following of not only the punch collector, but by collectors of the machine age. This machine appears to draw the most interest from individuals wanted an old paper hole punch for the desk or collection. Another example is the early examples of the Tengwell which had a nicely scrolled plate and was mounted on a beautiful oak base.

It is always interesting to find a machine that has a history or provenance. Like fine works of art, provenance is of great importance, especially to their owner. There are a number of reasons why provenance is important. A good provenance increases the value of any antique, and establishing provenance may help confirm the date or period of manufacture. Establishing that the example was owned by a museum, collector, or a company that had a substantial history of its own will also add to its value.

Variants hold their own interest. You will find the same machine, such as this Improved Hummer, that was produced by many different companies. Research has proven that many company’s changes hands more than once during the century and that the machine was never improved upon or only minor changes took place, usually just the name of the machine or the manufacturers name.

Examples such as the Sam’l Tatum’s Samson, Eclipse, the No. 27 and the No. 36. These machines were the brain children of Walter Mendenhall, long time employee of the Tatum Company.

Compared to the punches today, these machines are complex and curious. The mechanisms are unique in design and never copied by any other manufacture. Regardless, Mendenhall seemed to dress up his perforators to make them more appealing to the public.

When examining these machines, one immediately realizes these machines to be historic. This is where the concept of paper punches began.

Even as a collector, it is unlikely that you meet many collectors of antique and vintage paper hole punches. Estimates at the point would be very low for those interested in the history, the different machines, the inventors, and actively pursuing machines. Individuals with a moderate interest will occasionally buy a machine that meets their personal preferences and then we have the generally interested who only want one or two for decorative purposes of looking for an example to display at work or home. The down side is information is extreme hard to find and requires an investigative mind willing to go and search for data on each machine. In almost every case, information is available, one must only search.

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